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Nothing can tamp down barbecue fun like the wrong music choice—and nothing is more distracting while you’re trying to, say, make beer can chicken than having to spend time making the perfect barbecue playlist. So we did it for you!


Yes! We spend all of our free time at barbecues and therefore know exactly what should and should not be played. We’ve compiled seven full hours of the best barbecue jams from here to eternity, from LL Cool J to Bomba Estéreo, “Rubber Band Man” to “Rude Boy,” Gyptian to Zhané, Haim to INOJ. Plug it in over at our “Barbecue Jams” playlist on Spotify here, and have a fantastic holiday weekend if you’re in the States!

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Resounding YES to Tame Impala. Flaccid “ehhhh” to everything else.