We Will (Probably) Get a New Beyoncé Album in April

It has been 830 days since Beyoncé released a new album. More than two years have passed since she shocked the world with a surprise drop right after an episode of Scandal ended, proving that she knows her audience very well.

We have basked in the gloriousness of Beyoncé, the visual album and we are now ready for the next era of Beyoncé. After much speculation, it appears that our Beyoncé drought will finally come to an end very soon.


I’ll admit that I was saying the same thing back in September 2015, but there are some very solid clues that point to a sixth studio album from Beysus in the next few weeks.

The most obvious clue is the release of “Formation” is early February.

Which she followed up with a Super Bowl performance and announcement of an upcoming world tour.

It’s not simply that Beyoncé released new music, but that she released something that was such a complete work of art. The video has a clear vision, aesthetic and a tone. The message of “Formation,” while clear, also suggests that she has a lot more to say. It’s hard to see the video as a stand-alone project instead of a piece of a much larger creative work.

The Formation World Tour kicks off on April 27th. Although Beyoncé has gone on tour without releasing a new album before, after touring for two years off of essentially the same catalog, it’s clearly time for something fresh.

Another key clue is that the news has been confirmed by one of the premiere Beyoncé fan sites (yes, I know what I just said), the Beyhive.


I have no idea who these people count as sources, but I do know the Beyhive tends to be as accurate as a fan site can be. They are also very good at catching little nuggets of information that often confirm their suspicions.


The Beyhive has also identified something called “Project Lemonade,” which is reportedly some sort of film project from Beyoncé—perhaps what she was filming in New Orleans back in late December?


Additionally, she recently appeared on the cover and actually spoke to Garage magazine. For a woman who hasn’t given a real print interview in years—she appeared on the cover of Vogue’s September issue without even granting an interview—that seems relevant.


She also showed up for a hot minute at the Grammys to present the Record of the Year Award and I truly can’t imagine why she would have done that for non-promotional reasons.


Add all of this to the fact that the number four is very important to her, an April release makes a lot of sense.

Still, we’ve been down this road before. Beyoncé is both incredibly consistent and a wild card who often delivers perhaps when you expected, but often not at all what you were expecting.


Over the next 36 days or so, we can quietly burn with anticipation and overreact to her every move which might signal that perhaps, maybe, we will finally be getting a new album soon. I will say, my hopes are high and I think we’ve really got it this time, guys. Although, that’s what I said back in July 2013 when I saw her in concert and then had to wait five more months for a new album.

Images via Getty, Beyonce.com.

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