Well, At Least There's Rihanna

This week’s a real pile of dog shit, and I’m not going to sprinkle powdered sugar over it. But at least our Lord and Savior, our succor in dark times, has chosen to render unto us a gift. I’m speaking of course of Rihanna, who appears today in the teaser trailer for the scifi epic Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.

Via UpRoxx, this teaser trailer for the $180 million project from Fifth Element director Luc Bresson is mostly Cara Delevingne’s pout and there is just a single moment of Rihanna. But there is a single moment of Rihanna. She takes a bowler hat off and her outfit magically transforms.

Screencap via YouTube.
Screencap via YouTube.
Screencap via YouTube.
Screencap via YouTube.

Entertainment Weekly 
reported in more depth on Rihanna’s appearance in the film, characterizing it as a “flamboyant supporting role” with 20 minutes of screen time.

“Rihanna was my first wish,” says the Lucy and The Fifth Element director. “First, because of her voice and the way she smiles and looks and how she expresses herself. Second, because you know she won’t be intimidated on the set. She plays stadiums with 100,000 people. You know that girl isn’t shy about the camera and the crew and all this.”

EW has an additional image and GIF of her in character.

It’s nothing, but it’s something.

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If I may... I would like to share a response I placed on FB today to a friend of mine who said we should love and embrace Trump Supporters: “If you had seen the terror on the faces of my Muslim colleagues and the horror on the faces of my Muslim students, and the collective and utter disbelief of all of my colleagues from nearly every country in the world, and you lived overseas, you would know the full and utterly unbelievable chaos Trumps election has had on the world. Not just the Arab and Muslim world, but that of our friends....the Irish, the Scottish, Australians, Canadians, the English, South Africans, The Kiwi’s, Italians, French, and Germans....and on the faces of the students parents, made up of the same 80 different nationalities, then you would understand why this is so damnable and heartbreaking. They believe we hate them, they believe we don’t care about them, they think the American people are fucking ignorant lunatics with assault rifles in a country where over 30,000 people die by murder, accident, or suicide by gun. We have zero moral authority in the world anymore, none. And our enemies have already seen on it. The US does not exist alone. The world matters. When I knew Trump was going to win, when it became inevitable, I simply lost it and lay my head on my desk and sobbed. One of my Emirati students, a nine year old girl with dyslexia, saw what was happening and and she wrapped her arms around my.neck, laid her head on my shoulder, and cried with me. That’s love. I live my life with love, it pours from my heart. But I will not love the people of the US who unleashed this vile horror and hate upon the world. I revile them.”