Well, Here's Zayn's Attempt to Be a Star Without One Direction

The cutest member of the now essentially defunct boy band One Direction has released the video for his first single, which acts as his preliminary attempt to become a solo act. It features his new girlfriend Gigi Hadid, tears of blood, and some bad emoting.

It’s been a big year for Zayn: he broke up with his fiancée Perrie Edwards of the girl group Little Mix, as well as his boys, who now, he has said, aren’t giving him the time of day. Maybe that’s why he looks so dead in the video for “Pillowtalk,” which is, as my colleague Julianne pointed out, a bit of a FKA twigs rip off. The parts that aren’t are less than creative, and Zayn comes out sounding and looking a bit too much like fellow former boy bander Nick Jonas.


Like here’s Gigi smashing a guitar, for no apparent reason.

The visuals sort of feel like they were done on someone’s home laptop.


Lyrics for the track (which Zayn reportedly wrote while he was still with Edwards) include: “Be in the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day/Fucking you, and fighting on/It’s our paradise and it’s our war zone...”

“Everybody has sex, and it’s something people wanna hear about. It’s part of everybody’s life, a very big part of life,” he told the Sunday Times.


Zayn’s grown y’all.

His album comes out March 25.

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