Well Shit, I Guess Let's Chat About That Episode of Game of Thrones

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Perhaps we should decompress after the second episode of the last season, the calm before the storm, or the boring chapter you speed-read through before you get to the juicy shit—whatever you want to call it. Finally some truths got told, some folks got to smash, and a few necessary wight-killing weapons were bequeathed. Game of Boners will be back here with a full side-eye in the morning, but until then—open thread, Thrones heads.


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Mortal Dictata

So Grey Worm’s pretty much fucked right. He’s like every trope walking now with that long “what do you want to do when we survive this godforsaken war” right before they go over the top speech...

I enjoyed pretty much all of the episode, but nothing beats all the atrocious Tormund flirting game.