Wendy Williams Looking for Love the Old-Fashioned Way: By Email Spam

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Why swipe when you can blast?

Page Six is reporting that producers at Fox sent out an email to publicists whose clients might fancy a shot at Wendy Williams’s heart. She’s supposedly looking for someone “high-profile,” and not “a schlub from the street,” which explains why she isn’t circling her block peering through binoculars at the moment. (Actually, she may actually be doing this too.)


Following the announcement of her separation from ex-husband Kevin Hunter, Williams described herself on-air as “on the loose.” And a lot of good it did her!

Says the column:

Industry insiders got an email Wednesday morning from Fox producers saying, “Wendy Williams IS BACK ON THE MARKET! We are looking for fun men that can handle Wendy.”

The brave bachelors must be 40 to 65 and in the US, but otherwise, they say, “We are casting a WIDE net.”

You may be asking yourself if this is a joke. Refer to Page Six again:

The note also added, “This is not a joke.”

Williams’s people are looking at a tight turnaround as the deadline for submissions is February 11. Plausible! Celebrities are so resplendent in privilege and shameless about access that I don’t understand why more people don’t do this? Forget Raya, just get good representation.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.


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Is she making this a new reality show? Sounds like it.