Season 9 of RuPaul’s Drag Race premieres tonight on a new channel (Vh1) and a new night (Fridays!) and a new time (8 p.m. Eastern—THE WITCHING HOUR). Also, LOOK AT GAGA DOING HER THING.

To celebrate the return of our favorite show, we’re liveblogging every breathtaking moment with some special friends. Joining Jezebel tonight are two fabulous guests who know their way around a runway. First, we have Dusty Tea Shoulders, who “directs, dramaturges, conjures costumes, speaks their truth in front of audiences, drags it up periodically, and instructs the future via the classroom.” You may have seen their work in various museums and clubs around the world, including The Whitney Museum, BAM, House of Yes, BAM, The Edinborough Fringe Festival or St. Ann’s Warehouse.


Dusty Shoulders. Image by Josh Hailey.

Also joining us is Rify Royalty, an “award winning, New York based nightlife performer and personality who’s performed all over the globe from Toronto to London, Berlin, Miami, LA and more. Rify’s performances blur the lines of sexuality and gender. Rify was also recently on Out magazine’s 100 most eligible bachelors.”

Rify Royalty. Image by Victor Jeffries.

We’ll be delivering our most unfiltered commentary on the glorious wigs and walks of the evening, so join us now and let’s DO THIS.