We're Still Thinking About Lawrence's Goddamn Sweater

Images via screenshot/HBO.
Images via screenshot/HBO.

Lawrence: Why a sweater in the middle of Los Angeles, in weather warm enough for Issa to be wearing a sundress?


Lawrence: Is that a mock turtleneck? Lawrence, is that angora?

Lawrence: Are you expressing your Drake feelings, is this meant to convey the complexity of your emotions while also preserving your masculinity at once?


Lawrence: Are you wearing an undershirt?

Lawrence: Are your nipples okay in there?

Lawrence: Where’d ya get the sweater? Who makes it? Is that cashmere, darling?

Lawrence: Why ribbed and not cable-knit? Why mock and not full-on turtle?

Lawrence: Are you sweating?

Lawrence: Can you afford that sweater?

Lawrence: Why?

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