Westworld's Ominous Piano Covers Have Finally Been Released

Video via HBO

What could be more fitting in this bleak December month than player-piano covers of popular alt-rock songs that connect the untamed Wild West to our future as automatons on a quest to gain consciousness? Westworld’s soundtrack is finally getting a proper release, and I always wondered what the hell “Black Hole Son” was going on about. It’s God, baby!

The full soundtrack includes 34 songs, which is especially helpful if you’ve been trying to sleuth why that background melody sounded so familiar but didn’t quite scan—for me it was Nine Inch Nails’s “Something I Can Never Have” and knowing that is like scratching an itch. Additionally, there is an epic Morricone-style version of “Paint It Black” by the Rolling Stones, complete with racing horse hooves, and the theme song scored by Ramin Djawadi, whose style you may recognize from the Game of Thrones theme, too. Djawadi is outchea. Sample a few songs below and grab the full soundtrack here.


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