What Do Oprah Winfrey and an Unruly Chicken Have in Common?

Drew WeeklyDrew WeeklyHighlighting the very special moments of Drew Barrymore’s very special talk show, served sunny-side up (just like how Drew likes it!)

On her talk show this week, Drew Barrymore interviewed her inspiration Oprah Winfrey and held an unruly chicken. Thus, Barrymore lived out both sides of what it means to be wind beneath wings right in front of our very eyes. Elsewhere, Barrymore seemed as surprised by her body’s abilities as a child learning to walk. She skipped and couldn’t believe it. She posed and didn’t know why. She kicked while saying goodbye to Action Bronson, which also confused her. She salivated. A lot. All that and more in this week’s montage:

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.