What Have You Done to Deserve a Rihanna Reggae Album and a Rihanna Pop Album?

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It is a truth far from universally acknowledged that Rihanna’s ANTI is Rihanna’s most texturally interesting and compelling work to date. To that end, I’d follow Rihanna off a cliff. Which is why I’m over the moon to hear she’s allegedly working on a reggae album, a move that makes almost too much sense within the context of Rihanna doing whatever the fuck she wants since, by my conservative estimate, 2016.


Rolling Stone reports that:

For more than a year, Rihanna and her label Roc Nation have been hunting for beats as they work to complete an album devoted to exploring the singer’s Caribbean roots, according to conversations with eight sources close to the project. In addition, two of those sources suggest that the singer is simultaneously at work on another pop-oriented album.

Do you remember “Work”? (Which Rolling Stone mentions was meant to be a pop song until songwriter PartyNextDoor sang it in Jamaican patois and showed it to Rihanna.) Now imagine an entire album of non-stop reggae and dancehall-adjacent bangers. Did I just blow your mind? No, that was all Rihanna, and if Rolling Stone’s sourcing is good, then we are about to blessed with not one, but TWO new Rihanna albums, which means there’s hope for the future just yet.

Read the full report here.

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Are we just gonna forget about “Rude Boy”??