What Is Taylor Swift's New 'Bad Blood' Video About? A Few Theories

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For the past few days, Taylor Swift has been teasing her upcoming “Bad Blood” music video through a series of what looks like Sin City inspired posters, which all feature one of her famous best friends. The video will not be worth all this trouble.

BUT it will be epic.

Maybe epically bad. This epic video for this bad song premieres during the Billboard Music Awards broadcast on May 17. The latest posters show Lena Dunham (as Lucky Fiori) and Kendrick Lamar (as Welvin the Great).


According to Swift, each famous friend involved in the video picked their own character name.....

Illustration for article titled What Is Taylor Swifts New Bad Blood Video About? A Few Theories

Who else is in the video? And what is this video about? A few educated guesses:

  • It’s about friendship.
  • It’s about a period stain that comes to life and threatens humanity. Lena Dunham stars as the period stain.
  • It’s about gentrification in New York City and rising condo prices and the blood represents red velvet cake (you’ll see).
  • Gigi (as Slay-Z) kicks a freestyle about blood while covered in blood surrounded by Taylor and all her friends covered in blood. It’s symbolism for the fashion world.
  • It’s about Tidal.
  • It’s a remake of Carrie featuring Taylor as Carrie’s long-lost stepsister who gets bitten by a spider and a little blood spills out. It’s bad! She’s fine. Kendrick Lamar is her date to prom.
  • It’s about dumb boys. Also, Taylor Swift starts a modern-day Babysitter’s Club but every member has to write in blood.
  • Last night, I dreamt that I was implicated in a double murder and a cleaning lady came to clean up the crime scene and then escaped in a hot air balloon. This could be about that.

Certainly, it has to be one of these things, if not none. Anyway, here’s the video teaser that tells us nothing.

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real talk:

are music videos even that big of a thing anymore?

like i can’t remember the last time I heard a song and was like “i cannot wait to watch this music video”