Via YouTube.

A lush trailer just dropped for Live By Night, a 1920s gangster movie and Ben Affleckā€™s directorial follow-up to the Oscar-winning Argo. Quick question: What the hell is that suit?

The trailer comes via the Wall Street Journal, which explains the movie ā€œis set during the Prohibition era in the 1920s and it depicts a power struggle between Affleckā€™s character, Joe Coughlin, and a crime boss.ā€ Lots of Boston. Clearly Ben goes for broody and moody when selecting film projects.

That suit just looks so familiar. Perhaps Iā€™m thinking of Warren Beatty in Dick Tracy.

Thereā€™s something else.

What is it?

Iā€™m sure itā€™ll come to me.

Oh, yes.


Sure hope thatā€™s just the lighting!