The summer of Haim continues with a video for “I Want You Back.” In it, the three sisters walk the abandoned streets of Los Angeles, which always looks post-apocalyptic.


The simple choreography that occasionally breaks out as the women power-walk is reminiscent of how we all sometimes groove in public wearing our earbuds. A moment in your jam that’s just too good to keep in your head, so you gotta shimmy, especially if you’ve had a couple of glasses of wine and are going through a break-up. The satisfying synchronized conclusion is something you might try to convince a couple of friends to learn with you, depending on the severity of your heartbreak.

Which Haim sister do you relate to the most? Cool jacket? Mom Jeans? Tall?

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My Haim story: I saw them in London 5 years ago-ish in a dive bar (they were known, but not massively known, at least in the UK).

At the end of the set they announced “We’re now going to the bar, if any of you beautiful people want to buy one of us a drink and try your luck”.

I strongly approved.