Which Inmates Will Get a Happy Ending in Orange Is The New Black's Final Season?

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The women we grew up with in fictional prison will begin to close a few chapters—or start new ones—when Season 7 of Orange Is the New Black arrives to Netflix on July 26, as the show ends for good.

Season 6 found Taystee defending herself against the death of C.O. Piscatella, in a storyline framed around the illusion of justice, and introduced an incredibly annoying character named Badison. Season 7 picks up with dumbass Piper, who made it out of Litchfield, experiencing life on the outside, while the rest of the inmates continue their journey toward some kind of personal liberation. Suzanne, who has gradually shed the nickname Crazy Eyes to viewers, appears to cavort with a magical chicken and says what she really wants in life is “ice cream... and justice”—one of which is readily attainable.

How is this supposed to end when prison is experienced as a seemingly eternal circumstance? Dismally, likely. Seeing as how most TV shows have a terrible way of ending (see: Game of Thrones, Girls, Lost, etc.), and given that the tone of this trailer is quite soapy, expectations are medium, though I’m sure I’ll cry just from being so attached to these women (excluding Piper) over so many years. The point is to see who gets (deserves?) a joyous ending and who doesn’t, or what that even means.

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Carrie Mathison

It was Suzanne who witnessed the setup against Taystee, right? I figured she might get inspired to speak out, a new movement starts and there’s a new trial where the setup gets revealed and she gets acquitted.

What happened to Blanca though? After she got taken by ICE? Is that plot getting discarded with those of everyone who didn't get sent to this max? It seemed so timely...