The cultish London-based designers behind Marques’Almeida said they were inspired by “up-and-comers in the nascence of their careers as stylists, journalists or photographers,” according to WWD, and designed accordingly.

As such, not only does their breezy construction and raw aesthetic come through—if you’re not familiar, they’re the reason you can’t buy jeans or a denim dress without the selvage showing at the moment—but they are truly throwing down some relatable silhouettes.

They seem to grasp the particularities of the freelance industry by showing garments that reflect what we all wear—a uniform, of sorts, and that uniform is fucking pajamas, slankets, and giant-ass sweatsuits. There was some Vetements-style oversized variety going in the cuts—which is fine, because who the hell doesn’t love sleeves 20-inches too long, to hide the callouses you’ve developed from typing too hard, or to obscure the 20-oz of Bud Light Lime you’re shoplifting because you’re still waiting on freelance checks. (PRACTICAL!)


Are you working from home right now? Which one of these ensembles are you wearing right this second?

Let’s do this, baby!

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