Which Solo Zayn Malik Song Sucks the Most?

As part of his predestined mission to reach the post-band success of a Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake, Zayn today previewed a fourth song from his solo debut Mind of Mine (coming March 25). Like his other songs before, though, this one kinda sucks, man.

“BeFoUr” (spelled like that) has a wanna-be-sensuous ’80s night rhythm, with lyrics that start off: “I don’t drink to get drunk/I feel all the right funk.” It doesn’t get better.


Zayn has made it clear that he’s forsaking the 1D pop sound in favor of basic sexy R&B. Unfortunately, none of his songs have been remarkable. They all want to be much sexier than they are, and would all likely sound better in a more capable R&B singer’s hands. In fact, the most fascinating thing about his debut single, “Pillow Talk,” a slow jam about lovers clashing and fucking, is that it made Zayn the first artist with a “Z” name to have a No. 1 Billboard song.

1D fans are eating this all up, though, and lying to themselves about how good it is, sort of like bay leaves. Meanwhile, I can’t listen to any of these joints—just not feeling it in my bones, though I will forever appreciate Zayn’s great facial hair and strong jawline.

“Pillow Talk”

“Like I Would”

“It’s You”


Which one sucks the most?


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