Which Solo Zayn Malik Song Sucks the Most?

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As part of his predestined mission to reach the post-band success of a Beyoncé or Justin Timberlake, Zayn today previewed a fourth song from his solo debut Mind of Mine (coming March 25). Like his other songs before, though, this one kinda sucks, man.

“BeFoUr” (spelled like that) has a wanna-be-sensuous ’80s night rhythm, with lyrics that start off: “I don’t drink to get drunk/I feel all the right funk.” It doesn’t get better.

Zayn has made it clear that he’s forsaking the 1D pop sound in favor of basic sexy R&B. Unfortunately, none of his songs have been remarkable. They all want to be much sexier than they are, and would all likely sound better in a more capable R&B singer’s hands. In fact, the most fascinating thing about his debut single, “Pillow Talk,” a slow jam about lovers clashing and fucking, is that it made Zayn the first artist with a “Z” name to have a No. 1 Billboard song.


1D fans are eating this all up, though, and lying to themselves about how good it is, sort of like bay leaves. Meanwhile, I can’t listen to any of these joints—just not feeling it in my bones, though I will forever appreciate Zayn’s great facial hair and strong jawline.

“Pillow Talk”

“Like I Would”

“It’s You”


Which one sucks the most?

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The worst part about Zayn going solo is the new influx of fans who now consider him to be “cool”. When he was part of One Direction, he was not cool because only prepubescent girls like One Direction (eeeew girls). God forbid we say anything positive about the things that young girls like! And Zayn buys into this as well. In interviews, he only has negative things to say about the fangirls that were so devoted to him and his music in One Direction. I agree with the author of this article. He’s just an “average bro”.

tl;dr I never gave a shit about Zayn before this but now I kind of strongly dislike him?