Images via AP / Jeff Kandyba
Images via AP / Jeff Kandyba

Taylor Swift is currently attending the trial against the DJ David Mueller, who Swift claims groped her at a meet-and-greet in 2013. And in lieu of photos we’ve gotten a lovely court-room sketch of the pop star who looks a little... well, she looks a little off.


Maybe it’s the thousand-yard stare, or perhaps it’s those insanely high Divine-esque brows (drawn far too dark for her but whatever Jeff Kandyba) but she even looks kind of sinister. And maybe that’s the look she was going for! I won’t judge.

But seriously, I am not the judge in this case.

Personally I think she looks like a cross between a Bild Lilli doll (the original sexy German gag-gift that inspired the creation of the wholesome Barbie) and the evil nanny from the Omen (the second one who comes after the first commits suicide, ya know.) And is that seriously a mole?

Illustration for article titled Who Do You Think Taylor Swift Looks Like in This Courtroom Sketch?

Taylor Swift does not have a beauty mark! Jeff, yer killing me here!

I dunno, who do you think she looks like? And do you think Katy Perry was the sketch artist for this trial? Please leave your most pressing thoughts in the comments immediately.

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