Whoops, I Want to See This Sexy Nick Jonas Thriller

Earlier today, I thought the only things I would need to get me through the summer were a reliable AC unit, a highly unfashionable wide-brimmed floppy hat, a bulk Amazon order of SPF 50 (lotion, not spray), and access to my ever-growing collection of koozies. Then I watched the trailer for Careful What You Wish For, a thriller that’s practically begging to be watched in a large group on a shitty projector beside a cooler of ice-cold Americas.


The movie stars Nick Jonas as a sexy virgin (I think) who begins a very sexy sexual relationship with a sexy married woman (played by Isabel Lucas) while spending his summer vacation working on some picturesque vacation community. Things, as they tend to do in this particular genre of movie (see Obsessed, The Boy Next Door, Fatal Attraction, etc.), get complicated once sexy married woman’s husband (Dylan McDermott Dermot Mulroney) finds out and, I don’t know, someone dies or something.

But the plot isn’t the point, and you know it. The point is screaming at the screen when someone makes a Bad Decision, and taking a drink every time Nick Jonas takes his shirt off or Dermot Mulroney shoots him a threatening glare.


Careful What You Wish For premieres on demand and in theaters on June 11.

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Who the hell would cheat on Dermot Mulroney with a Jonas brother?