Why God Oh Why Is There a Punky Brewster Revival On the Way?

Image: NBC

What’s that smell coming from the old, broken refrigerator out back? Don’t tell me it’s another young girl almost dying in it! No? It’s worse? It’s an old sitcom about how being a scrappy, self-identified ragamuffin who mismatches your clothing and screams your head off about your nascent eccentricity is... a worthy life path in addition to being a premise that could be sustained for 88 episodes? It’s Punky Brewster, thawed out and back from the dead??? And the title character, now all grown up, is bringing another self consciously adorable child with her?

It’s true, according to Deadline: They’re reviving Punky Brewster. Whoever “they” are. (Demons.) (I mean, the item actually prints the producers’ names, but just their human names, not their demon names.) And Soleil Moon Frye, who played Punky in the original sitcom that ran (on and off) from 1984-88, is back. Great. Says the industry site:

In the multi-camera/hybrid reboot, Punky (Frye) is now a single mother of three trying to get her life back on track when she meets a young girl who reminds her a lot of her younger self.


In the words of Charlize Theron to Tia Mowry at SoulCycle: Oh my god.

The followup series is written and executive produced by Steve and Jim Armogida (School of Rock, Grounded For Life). Frye will also serve as executive producer along with Duclon and Emmy-winning producer Jimmy Fox (The Arrangement) of Main Event Media, an All3Media America company.

Me reading this news:


I do look forward to watching nu-Punky find out what “nose candy” is, though. That’ll be fun.

Some Pig. Terrific. Radiant. Humble.

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What’s really weird is the whole story of how Punky came to live with Henry Warnimont. Her mom abandoned her at a mall and of course it just makes sense to let the single old male photographer with poor social skills take in a young girl. What could possibly go wrong? They took the first three minutes of a Law & Order: SVU episode and turned it into a sitcom.