I’m not entirely sure what is happening in this gloriously bad full-length trailer for Aquaman. All I want to know is why Jason Momoa is wearing what he’s wearing.


The plot, from this trailer, is thin: Jason Momoa can talk to the fishes and his half-brother, King Orm, looks like Viserys from Game of Thrones. It seems they will have a fight because Orm is going to “declare war upon the surface world,” and as a sexy fish man who is only half fish (?), Jason Momoa has to stop this from happening! Is this a global warming metaphor? Sure. Is this a potentially bad action hero movie that cost a lot of money to make? Definitely—and if that is the case, why on Earth isn’t Jason Momoa nude here?

He is often shirtless in this trailer, which is helpful. However, all the fish people populating the briny depths are wearing clothes—too many clothes for swimming underwater in an efficient manner. I’m sure that rubbery chest plate is specifically engineered to travel without drag, like a wetsuit, but for verisimilitude’s sake, why is Jason Momoa wearing any clothes at all? According to director James Wan, Momoa is “pretty much naked” in the film, which isn’t the same as naked.


Mermaids, for the record, are not real, but their tails are, uh, fish tails, and their upper bods, if they are a man-maid, are bare. As Jason Momoa is a human who can somehow breathe and do other stuff underwater—like swim very fast, look hot, throw a trident—shouldn’t he be all the way naked, so that he can perform all those tasks to the best of his ability?

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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