Will Anyone Say Anything About Time's Up? We Liveblog the Grammys With Bated Breath

Image: Getty
Image: Getty

Here we are, on what some call “music’s biggest night,” settling in and ready to watch host James Corden sing a bunch of songs while other, arguably better singers get awards and also sing songs and dance and stuff. It’s the 60th Grammy Awards! Cardi B. lost to Kendrick Lamar already, but that’s fine! How many times will we see the commercial for Peter Rabbit, starring James Corden as the titular lapin? Who still mourns Ed Sheeran’s lack of nominations? How many white roses have you seen and how does it make you feel? Please join us as we interrogate these questions and so much more; it’s your Grammy’s liveblog, get into it.

Senior Writer, Jezebel

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