Images via Mara Hoffman

We’ve seen a lot of stabs at politics so far this fashion week in New York, but they’ve mostly felt gestural, reliant upon slogans rather than follow-through. But none has seemed so resonant or relevant as Mara Hoffman’s latest, which opened with four beloved organizers of the Women’s March on Washington—Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, Bob Bland, and Carmen Perez—reading statements of intent and affirmation to stand tall with women in the face of the murky unknown.

The show itself incorporated a feminism-inspired dance performance, choreographed by Beth Gill and soundtracked by Ben Brunnemer, that from the looks of it captured both the freedom and strength that women behold—and the freedom and movement of the garments (organic cotton!), which look like something I would like to live in.


There’s an artfulness in their construction, and an easiness that frankly seems to reflect that they’re made by someone with great respect for women.


They’re also profoundly chic!


While many designers attempt to encapsulate the essence of women’s power, this collection looks to be a simple, striking, and humane distillation of it. I want every piece.

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