Y/N: Ellie Goulding Fulfills Your Fantasy of Getting Revenge On a Dude While Riding a Horse

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Y: In the video for “On My Mind,” Ellie Goulding sits on a bed and stares out, chillingly, bottling her own frustrations while her man rages in a hotel. What follows is a revenge fantasy that involves her and a friend riding through a casino on horses and later duct taping the guy. “You don’t mess with love” is the point. [Idolator]


Y: I’ve been missing Lorde’s ghastly rasp and this clacking, subdued Disclosure song “Magnetic” is the perfect corrective. [Pitchfork]


N: Hello, can Keyshia Cole and everyone please stop doing “Fancy” sequels with their beats. [Miss Info]

N: Rae Sremmurd “Come Get Her” is one of my least favorite songs on their last album and I’ll pass on this video, which conveniently takes place at a hoedown. [Complex]

N: I wish the video for Fetty Wap’s “My Way” about wining and dining a woman (“Spotted you, you had that glow”) had a better wining and dining storyline instead of all of these shots of him chilling with his boys. [Complex]

Y: Only listen to this sad, sad Majical Cloudz song “Are You Alone” when you feel like staring at a wall. [Spin]

Y: Kiesza is good for creating parties and echoes inside your head and I’m into the business of “Give it to the Moment.” [Idolator]


Y: T-Pain “Roof on Fye” is a winner just based off the title and the fact that it samples Jagged Edge. The sped-up AutoTune isn’t the best of T-Pain, but still solid. [Rap-Up]

Y: Sia’s latest, “Alive,” is missing the emotional, edgy buildup I need from her. This is a reluctant yes ‘cause it’s not bad and I love the break in her voice at the end. [Idolator]


N: Tisha Campbell’s “Steel Here” video has a questionable title (and even poorer vocals) but there’s a powerful message about sexual abuse. Ehhh... still, no. [XO Necole]

Y: Tweet is mellow and unbothered in this vibe-y and uncomplicated little ballad, “Won’t Hurt Me.” [Singersroom]


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Love Kiesza. The long tracking shot from Hideaway was awesome. And her music just makes me happy. She can create an echoing party in my head anytime.