Y/N: Fetty Wap Just Wants to Cuddle With His Trap Queen on 'D.A.M'

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Y: Continuing his tradition of singing odes to bad chicks in the most loving and trappiest ways possible, Fetty Wap made a song about how fine and wonderful his shorty is, singing, “Right after sex, I don’t leave/ I just hold her” (Nice gesture). And, “When I tell her I’m hungry, she say, ‘Boy get on your knees.’” Aw, sweet. [Miss Info]

N: The “Am I Wrong” dudes Nico & Vinz must have said, “Let’s make a jingle for a Sandals resort ad” and did just that. I hate this. [Mashable]


N: Maroon 5’s “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” sounds even worse with the addition of a crescendo of siren synths. [Idolator]

Y: There’s no need for this “Cheyenne” video to be so gothic and melodramatic and yet it is and it’s cool. From the dead broken ballerinas to the pale ghost seductress, it’s a bit much for a song about being roped into love but there’s also a clear “Thriller” inspiration. [Idolator]

Y: Robin Thicke’s two-step jam “Morning Sun” is simple smooth soul, like a late-night record that would play on Quiet Storm radio, especially with that sax breakdown. [Idolator]

N: Diddy and Pharrell premiered this collaboration at the BET Awards on Sunday and thanks, but I never need to hear it again. [Rap Radar]

Y: Cody Simpson says, “I wrote the song about a girl I met on the street in Venice Beach. She had this whole bohemian look to her. After sharing some conversation with her, I realized that we shared a lot of the same views on life, and on the world.” It’s cute and cheesy, whatever, leave me alone. [Billboard]


N: This very atypical Jeremih song “Angel” has strong shades of Chris Brown’s “Forever,” and he’s really flexing his vocal skills over that dance beat. But I can’t with this. [Miss Info]

Y: Big Sean did a dope tribute to Martin for his “Play No Games” video that includes a Bruh Man cameo. It’s enough to make you a little verklempt for the olden days when TV shows had theme songs that looked like music videos... That said, Big Sean is a bad actor. [Miss Info]

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I can’t see his name as anything other than Wetty Fap and that can only be a euphemism for jerking off in the shower. Unfortunate name choice, my friend. Just terrible.