Y/N: Little Mix Spellbinds Dudes on Their '80s Jam 'Black Magic'

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Y: Little Mix is the shit and I challenge you not to body roll to “Black Magic,” a song about hitting guys with that voodoo good-good. It’s ’80s pop goodness and also sounds like it could be the theme to a Disney Channel teen witch series. [Billboard]


N: The combination of Jason Derulo, Stevie Wonder and Keith Urban on the same song thoroughly puzzled me at first and still does. Stevie starts “Broke” off singing “Mo money, mo problems, babe.” I just can’t with this. [Miss Info]

Y: Lady Gaga seems like she’s just casually hypnotizing you while filing her nails on this previously unreleased 2012 collabo with Kendrick Lamar. [Idolator]

Y: Shocked that I’m into this Rita Ora song, “Poison,” though mostly for the chorus. Someone else (like Sia) would pull off the vocal arrangement better. [Miss Info]

Y: As usual, Jeremih is the best part of a song and yet he’s only the featured guest on 50 Cent’s pole anthem “Get Low. [Miss Info]

Y: Here’s another remix of America’s official workplace creed, “Bitch Better Have My Money,” this time from Flosstradamus. I still like Diplo’s version the best, but this is a fine employment of powerful cannon synths. [Soundcloud]


Y: Monica’s “Just Right For Me” is another one of her soulful hood love songs about a special dude with a grimy past. [Rap-Up]


N: Christina Aguilera practices some vocal restraint on this Finding Neverland power ballad “Anywhere But Here” and it’s certainly soaring but also bores me to death. [YouTube]


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Tabby Gevinson

The best BBHMM experience yet, IMO: