Y/N: Nick Jonas Looks Extremely 'Would U?' In His 'Area Code' Video

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Y: This black-and-white video for “Area Code” puts Nick Jonas in his best light and he’s doing a lot of Drake-esque body motions. I’m okay with that. [Complex]

N: Meghan Trainor’s ‘Better When I’m Dancin” video doesn’t feature much actual good dancing. [Billboard]

Y: Syd tha Kyd does a nice job acting as the exhausted half of a silent conflict in The Internet’s “Get Away” video. (FYI, the latest Internet album overall has a cool low-key lounge vibe.) [Pitchfork]

N: Eminem and The Weeknd on a dark drug ballad sounds like the perfect union on paper. Unfortunately, this remix of “The Hills” totally sucks. The Nicki Minaj version, with her vacuous voice effect, is only slightly better. [Idolator]


Y: Alessia Cara’s cover of Nick Jonas’s “Levels” adds amazing vocal depth and texture to the song without overpowering. [Idolator]

Y: The video for Adam Lambert’s sad-boy dance track “Another Lonely Night” shows lonely people being inside their heads. It’s cool, but why does Adam Lambert always look like he’s in an intense staring contest? [Billboard]

Y: Ty Dolla Sign outlines his crude priorities pretty well on “Airplane Mode,” where he gripes about needing two phones to avoid harassment from hoes. “Ain’t no pussy good enough to get broke while I’m in it,” he sings. [This Is RnB]

N: Did not need to hear Soulja Boy wreck Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” with his offbeat rhymes. [Billboard]

Y: Jessie Ware sings a soft and dreamy version of the twinkling Cinderella ballad “A Dream Is a Wish” for a Disney covers compilation. [Idolator]


Y: The newest hype Bryson Tillers’ “Sorry Not Sorry” video almost has the feel of a lost VHS tape, with pretty cityscapes and shots of his Louisville hood. [Fader]

Y: It’s hard not to shuffle to “Break Away” by Cool Uncle (comprised of Bobby Caldwell and Jack Splash). Jessie Ware adds a wispy touch to a song that sounds like a sunny day in the ’70s, even though it’s about daring a person to jump ship whenever he/she wants. [Fader]


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