Y/N: Selena Gomez Brags About Her Good Loving, Remains Chill

Y/NY/N is a guide to the week’s music releases based on our highly scientific, non-subjective Yes/No rating system.

Y: Selena Gomez is practically purring the lyrics out on “Good For You,” a chilling and chill song about her being a “marquis diamond” who makes her man better. Could’ve done without the A$AP Rocky verse. [Miss Info]


Y: While there’s an annoying overly utopian vibe to Duran Duran’s “Pressure Off” (“It’s up to you now/ It’s time to take the pressure off!”), it’s hard not to feel its bouncy disco rhythm. Only need to hear it like three times though and I’m good. [That Grape Juice]

N: Tyrese’s “Shame” video was produced by Denzel Washington, co-stars Jennifer Hudson and features Tyrese confessing his sins in church and later pantomiming as a retro singer. It’s like an alt-universe Dreamgirls. It’s both great and bad. [Billboard]

Y: Mark Ronson’s video for “I Can’t Lose” is a cool retro casino night gone wild. So much fur, trumpets, neon effects and campiness, plus Keyone Starr looks and sounds fantastic. [Spin]

Y: Usher pulls off being mildly slick and jazzy on his cover of Nina Simone’s “My Baby Just Cares For Me.” It’s fine. [Idolator]

N: This is what it looks like when Robin Thicke and Flo-Rida hang out in Brooklyn. Ice cream trucks, red cups and hydrants. They’re really trying to make this summer anthem thing happen and I reject. [Rap-Up]

Y: Tink’s “I Like” is about a dope significant other “That’s that shit that I like/ A man looking up in my mind.” One of the Soundcloud comments is “beat doe,” and “Man, I like this.” Both accurate. [Fader]


Y: Here’s the answer to: Where’s Avant? “Special” is classic Mr. Reliable on why his woman is a diamond in the rough. Very smooth R&B. [This Is RnB]


Y: Tinashe’s “Cold Sweat” performance art video is just as abstract and haunting as the song, with some creepy glitch effects. Watch it high. [Pitchfork]

N: Big Sean and Jhene got senior citizen makeovers for this “I Know” video. They are doing the most and it’s awkward. [Miss Info]


Y: The staccato beat on The Game’s very Cali sounding “100” has me hooked, though Drake sounds like he’s on Ambien, rapping, “Y’all better not come to my funeral with that fake shit.” He originally spit this verse in concert. [Complex]

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Does Selena know that the marquis diamond is the woooooorst cut there is? It’s right up there with those silly heart shaped ones. Also, sorry if you have a marquis shaped ring. No judgement.