Fashion Month: So exciting! So glamorous! So many beautiful models, who are very bored and tired!

Luckily, with smartphone technology, these dextrous fairy people can keep their minds busy while getting their scalps exfoliated and their nose hairs dyed blue or whatever. And double luckily, we have backstage photographers to capture these moments. What are they doing on those phones, exactly? Probably looking at Instagram and doing all the other things the regular folk do on their phones, but alsoā€”texting! Definitely texting. Hereā€™s a wild guess as to what these texts say:

ā€œI donā€™t wanna redo my makeup, do I look too dead for this date? Or like, dead in a good wayā€

ā€œLol this girlā€™s knee is touching my knee, I hate herā€


ā€œMom can u get pink eye from sharing deodorant?ā€

ā€œThere is literally no privacy here even by the ballgowns!!! Paris is suffocating meā€


ā€œMy toenails hurt so bad but I think Iā€™m doing a p good job of hiding the pain from my faceā€


ā€œomg you freak, I canā€™t right now b/c this lady is shading my nostrils, Iā€™ll show u them tonight ;)ā€

ā€œNew phone who dis?ā€

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Top image via Getty; other images via Associated Press, Getty.