Yass, Yass Y'all, the Fab Five Visited Yass, Australia

Hold onto your pants, Queer Eye fans (everyone else, you can leave)—the Fab Five went to the land Down Under in a new bonus episode and descended upon the gorgeous town of Yass, Australia... yass, a real place!


In the episode, Karamo, Jonathan, and Tan help George, a single dad nominated for the show by his ridiculously hot son Levi, regain some of his confidence and learn to how to hug. George is in his 50s and has picked the hard life of being a rancher over his personal life for too long. Meanwhile, Antoni and Bobby help put some pep in a neighborhood bistro’s step. Not as exciting, but I’ll take it.

The whole thing is special and hilarious, and at times emotional, of course—but buried deep on the Queer Eye Facebook page is another video from their excursion, in which the boys are visited by the mayor of Yass who crowns them queens... of Yass. I love it, and so does Jonathan. Yass, Yass Queens!

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I absolutely love the new Queer Eye. I was so sad after I blazed through the new season and it only had 8 episodes. I like that they change minds of people who may never had met a gay man, muslim, etc. (Tan gave an interview on NPR and said their first “hero” that they helped asked him honestly if he was a terrorist. It opened up a good conversation between the two).

Side note- did anyone else think the episode with the Iranian gamer was odd? Most of the people they makeover do a lot for the community, their family, etc. This guy lied through the whole episode. Antoni’s face when he miraculously “remembers” how to cook was hilarious. The mayor of Clarkston was awesome though. I cry through almost every episode.