Yeezy Season 5 Looks Like Yeezy Seasons 1-4, But A Lot Moodier

Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 5 commenced at New York Fashion Week today and in keeping with his high-priced tradition, it looks like rugged basics in muted tones meant to evoke eternity. Also, though: denim, a first for Yeezy, shown like workwear for a truly utilitarian vibe.

Here was the “first men’s look,” via GQ Style’s Noah Johnson: model Luka Sabbat wearing oversized cargo pants and a baggy sweatshirt, a.k.a. my Saturday home ensemble. Rather than opening with the traditional runway walk, the models were first projected onto a giant screen, which is a MARKED IMPROVEMENT upon past Vanessa Beecroft skintone organizational charts.


Halima Aden, the Somali-American model who competed in Miss Minnesota 2016 wearing her hijab, made an appearance in a floor-length fur. Also in the show: rappers Travis Scott and Playboi Carti, below.

I totally already have this hunting camouflage sweatshirt, but from K-Mart! I am fashion!!!!


This is totally cute but it is literally shit that people are already wearing. HOWEVER! What appeals to Kanye is making clothes that have the longevity of an icon (he loves Steve Jobs and McDonald’s for a reason) and so it stands to reason that he would evoke this kind of Americana. For a price! (The Lost Hills theme throughout refers to the title of a song Kanye has made with Drake, but apparently did not debut today at the show.)


Perhaps surprisingly, Kanye himself did not make an appearance or take a bow at his own show. But look at these two besties!


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