Just two weeks in, Empire is already becoming a treasure trove of ludicrous moments. Several unusual things happened on Wednesday night's episode, and among them was the use of what looked like a "blowjob bib." What is a blowjob bib?

That's easy. It's a blowjob bib. You know, a catchall for whatever needs to be caught during the BJ process. As The Cut defines it: "A terrycloth item — the same kind typically used for messy babies — that a grown person fastens around his or her neck as a protective measure when administering a blow job fully clothed."

The scene in question happens in the home of Lucious' eldest son Andre, as he and his alpha wife Rhonda discuss his missing a doctor's appointment and not taking meds for his bipolar disorder. The bib is used to convince him to get it together and, well, looks like it worked.

Here are two other ridiculous moments from last night's episode:

—The troublemaker son Hakeem and his crew are hanging out in an upscale restaurant when one of his friends baits him into recording an iPhone message for a crush. Hakeem decides to pull out his dick and pee in the middle of the restaurant to show his love. Weirdly, the patrons are only mildly flabbergasted. One of his friends is played by America's Next Top Model's AzMarie, who says, "Man, so what, Barack Obama's a sellout. That brother's not even half of a brother anyway." Hakeem picks up and goes off on Obama, saying, "Barack Obama ain't nothing but a sellout." Rich.


—After the incident goes viral, Lucious calls up (on the telephone) President Obama to apologize for his son's actions. "Mr. President, I am so, so, so sorry," says Lucious. "He's just young and stupid and had a little too much to drink." Fake Obama curses him out and hangs up. Typical fake Obama.

Besides that, much of the episode continued to pit Jamal and Hakeem against each other, as Cookie tries to get Jamal to come out publicly. Meanwhile, Lucious is at least beginning to show signs of humanity—he fired his artist Kidd Fo-Fo for disrespecting Cookie in an elevator. At the end of the episode, we find out that Cookie's been cooperating with the feds and that's how she got an early release from prison.


Image via The Cut/Fox