Yes, The Jerry Springer Show Is Still on TV, But Soon It Will End

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After nearly three decades of infidelity, illegitimate children, broken homes, proposals, and divorces, The Jerry Springer Show is ceasing production. The favorite program of daytime viewers (i.e., the unemployed, self-employed, and cracker crumb covered sick tweens home from school across the world), which debuted in 1991 and birthed the ever generous phrase “trash television,” has stopped filming new episodes and will air reruns/pre-taped episodes on the CW from here on out, Deadline reports.


In its 27-year existence, Jerry Springer has aired 28 seasons—that’s more than 3,800 episodes. The peak of the program was two decades ago, 1997-1998, when it out performed The Oprah Winfrey Show in ratings. Honestly, if they kill the show now and just bring it back in a few years, it’ll be ripe for a nostalgic revival.

However! The CW’s multi-year (??) deal allows the network to commission new Springer episodes in the future. But with both Maury and The Steve Wilkos Show recently renewed, is it necessary? Jerry Springer is 74 now. Let the dude retire, dammit!

For now, we’ll leave you with this: Take care of yourself, and each other.

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This show (and a couple of other clones of it) are filmed in Stamford CT. They will often give the ‘guests’ gift certs to the Buffalo Wild Wings. The staff at BWW wishes very much that they wouldn’t.