Yes, You're Falling in Love With Harry Styles

Harry Styles’s solo journey thus far is a surprisingly sweet, emo experience that appeals to sentimental teens and elder purists alike. Rather than go straight pop, his first song “Sign of the Times” dipped into vintage Brit rock and, similarly, this ballad, “Sweet Creature,” with its gentle folk strings, aims for a sound unrestricted by time and place.


Imagine a quiet walk along a lake under a dreamy summer sky, listening to Styles sing about distance and naïveté: “Sweet creature, we’re running through the garden, oh, where nothing bothered us/ But we’re still young/ I always think about you and how we don’t speak enough.” This is the third song we’ve heard from his self-titled solo debut, out on May 12, and if you weren’t already hot for him during One Direction, surely you’re beginning to understand the feeling.

Culture Editor, Jezebel

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OK. Listen. I know everyone (except Yetta and Tallblonde) is going to pop in here talking about how you’re not falling in love with Harry. You’re going to list all sorts of reasons. On one hand, count yourself lucky not to have become ensorcelled by this alien in his inescapable web of fascination and dimples. Congratulations.

On the other hand: You will fall in love with him when he decides you are going to, and not a moment sooner. I don’t know when your hour will come. Only Harry knows. Only Harry knows.