You Want the Bip Burger

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Bip Ling is one of England’s greatest exports, a blogging artist, DJ and vocalist who comes equipped with her own funny vocabulary, “bipping” and “mooching” all over the internet. (Bipasha Ling is her real name, though; she is the daughter of artist Tanya Ling and fashion illustration curator William Ling, which also might make her a leeeetle bit of a socialite, as well.)


Last year, Ling wrote one of my favorite songs of all time, “Bipping,” which refers to what she calls “blogging” and is a disaffected selfie anthem over a super fun, ‘90s-invoking piano house track. If you enjoy blogging, let this be your anthem. It’s been one full year for the follow-up, but it was worth the wait; after a number of setbacks, Ling has released the long-anticipated (by me) “Bip Burger,” another fun house jam about how You Want the Bip Burger, you don’t need a license to drive it, why would you ever have chips or chicken wings when you could have the Bip Burger? Perhaps it’s meant to be somewhat sexual in the vein of “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” (why not a full diner meal, you know?), but it’s also just about how Bip is cool and on the internet. I hope you enjoy her oeuvre as much as I do! Happy weekend!


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Ugh no, sorry, I’m sick of all these well connected, marginally talented, British socialite millionaires dominating the media through their nepotistic connections. Seriously, almost every famous British person now is either related to the Queen or related to someone who works at Vogue. I grew up with sooooo many girls like this, they always got to be in Tatler and go to all the bright young thing parties despite being particularly basic. If you’re looking for a beautiful, talented young lady who’s actually had to put some grind into what she does may I recommend Lil Simz