Because the world needs Finding Neverland (The Album), a “fusion of pop and Broadway” featuring musicians like Jennifer Lopez and Ellie Goulding performing songs from the hit Broadway musical, here is Slay Queen Zendaya on the title track—with a little help from Slay Queen Bryan Cranston!


Having never seen Finding Neverland it is unclear to ya gal if the set-up relates to the play, but Cranston appears to be some kind of magic man helping Zendaya fulfill her plethora of dreams, as embodied by the track. “Every wish is our command! When we find our Neverland!” And then it goes into a thumpy, sub-woofery dance song; if Hamilton can happen, why can’t trap-musicals? And, why can’t Bryan Cranston be a Peter Pan/Captain Hook hybrid? The magic of the theatah!

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