Zendaya Slays This Song With Bobby Brackins and Jeremih

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We could have stopped at "Zendaya slays," but here we are: on this new club track by Bobby Brackins and featuring Jeremih, appropriately titled "My Jam," the young singer and burgeoning style icon gives us a pop hook for 3 PM in the whip and 3 AM in the club. It's a jam about a jam, meta but not overthought for an easy feel-good bop. I am doing a very small two-step right now.

"My Jam," which is debuting here, is Brackins' song, but they make a strong trio—Brackins and Zendaya originally from Oakland, hence a little bit of slap on producer Dem Jointz's beat and references to the Bay—plus Jeremih sliding in and doing his silky Chicago thing when he's needed. Brackins has such a specific voice, which is obviously a great quality in a rapper—it's pinched and rangy, a scratchy pop-art alto that counters the smooth edges around him, and he wrote "2 On," hence the familiar nighttime intimacy of this new one. This song is pure West Coast pleasure, though, the kind of track that makes a New Yorker wish she could drive, just cause it's so crankable. (Someone play this on the FDR and get back to me about the experience?) On iTunes now.

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zap rowsdower

I love her.