A Great Song About Bottoming Makes It to SNL

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Power bottoming is truly an art form, one that is often under-appreciated. But this weekend, bottoms across the land were given their moment in the sun when King Princess performed “Hit the Back” on Saturday Night Live. 

While your conservative aunt may think this is just another Billie Whoever tune about love in the modern online dating age, it is in fact all about the joys and wonders of being a power bottom. (It’s about sex stuff, Auntie Karen.) The track from her debut album, Cheap Queen, was her second song of the night and hit all the markers for a successful SNL appearance. It was upbeat, there was jumping, there were body rolls, and even Will Ferrell was there doing something that did not involve working on the next season of Succession.


Princess’s first song of the night was her single “1950,” a ballad that lets people know she’s the instrument-playing queer pop singer they’ve been waiting for. But she’s reluctant to define her music specifically as “queer pop.”

“‘Queer pop’ is literally saying sexuality is a genre,” she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “I don’t want to be grouped in with only gay people. If you’re going to compare me, compare me to straight people, too.”

King Princess will spread the gospel of bottoming to millions as the opening act on the European leg of Harry Styles’s upcoming tour.

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A mediocre kid of a rich music engineer in NY gets a music gig on SNL. I smell nepotism. Privilege of the wealthy and connected at the very least. She was terrible. Her stage name is stupid. Pass. *I’m gay and I approve this message*