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Few artists deserve a ~moment~ as much as Lizzo, whose new album, Cuz I Love You, has been on repeat on my Spotify for the last 72 hours. She’s starting to ride hers, and yet this past weekend, her Coachella ~moment~ was nearly ruined by sound issues.

Indeed, last weekend, the audio cut out in the middle Lizzo’s set, so she performed a cappella instead. (“It’s my first time playing Coachella, so ain’t nothing gonna fuck my time up, bitch!” she told the crowd.) But according to Variety, that same bullshit happened again at the end of this Sunday’s set, with the backing track skipping ahead during “Juice.”


Lest you think that fuckup could stop Lizzo, please remember she is both a pro and a flautist. Lizzo and her DJ called for the music to be cut and finished the song a capella—then, she asked for her flute. “If they ain’t gonna get the music right, I’m gonna get the music right,” she said “That’s why I got my music major.”


Variety has more video, which you should absolutely watch before streaming and/or purchasing 36 downloads of Cuz I Love You. And Coachella, please get your goddamn shit together before disrespecting another queen.

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