American Idol? Simon Cowell Doesn't Know Her

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Have y’all been glued to the TV for the American Idol reboot with celebrity hosts Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie? Is this the first time you’re realizing it’s alive? Simon Cowell is “genuinely not interested” either.


Cowell has moved on to other reality TV pastures, which are very similar yet completely different from Idol, like the Got Talent franchise, which asks people to humiliate themselves in a variety of ways, not just singing. In a roundtable with The Hollywood Reporter, Cowell explained why he hasn’t tuned into the competition. Because he doesn’t know her:

“I’m genuinely not interested,” he said when asked if he’s been watching the show. “I think when we were on it years ago, it was a fun show. It was different, it was kind of naïve, lots of surprises…. I kind of think we’ve been there, I’ve been there, time for something new.”

“And we have some good singers on the show this year. Interestingly, on Britain’s Got Talent and America’s Got Talent, I think we get better singers on the Got Talent shows than the other singing show. I don’t know what it is,” he added.

This is pretty much on par with how everyone else feels, but that hasn’t stopped the current iteration of American Idol from being renewed for another season. But enough about AI. Here’s some advice from Cowell for aspiring contestants on Got Talent, that can in no way be read as a comment on that other show: “I would say don’t be a second-rate version of what we’ve seen before. If we’ve seen somebody unique, you don’t want to see a worse notion of that next time.” Okay.

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I’m not sure Simon Cowell was trying to Mariah American Idol. It looks more like he’s saying he’s not sure why the Got Talent shows, which are not singing focused, seem to attract better singers than American Idol.