Anne Hathaway Is a Reporter Who May or May Not Have a Moral Compass

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Despite the fact that she is a talented actor who helmed the truly iconic Princess Diaries movies, a lot of people on the internet have, historically, had a problem with Anne Hathaway. People... really didn’t like her.


Which was truly their loss, because on top of being one of the only good parts of Ocean’s 8 (the other good part was Rihanna in that red dress), Hathaway always seems to choose fascinating roles. They’re not all hits, but I respect the dedication to exploring her craft.

But Hathaway’s new project, a political thriller from brilliant director Dee Rees called The Last Thing He Wanted, seems intriguing. The film is based on a novel by the same name written by Joan Didion. Hathaway stars as a journalist who is following a story surrounding arms deals in Costa Rica—which is only further complicated when she discovers that her father (played by the delightful Willem Dafoe) might be involved in the deals.


Soon, Hathaway’s character is in over her head when an errand for her father “thrusts her from byline to unwitting subject in the very story she’s trying to break.” Sure, the description sounds like it could accompany most fast-paced political thrillers, but with a cast this eclectic (Ben Affleck and Rosie Perez also make appearances in the trailer), under the direction of Dee Rees, I have a feeling this film won’t be nearly as predictable as the rest of its genre.

Anne Hathaway, you certainly have my attention.

The Last Thing He Wanted comes to Netflix on February 21.

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Let’s just stop acknowledging Hatha-hate. Please. The worst things anyone can accuse Hathaway of being are a theater nerd and a try-hard (and maybe par-for-the-course, Hollywood-style out of touch). She didn’t deserve the shit she got at the time and she doesn’t deserve to have it constantly dredged up now.