Screenshot: Youtube

I’m standing on my front porch, ringing my giant bell so the cows and all Netflix binge-watchers can come on home, because there are new Black Mirror episodes coming.

The trailer for three new episodes of the soul-sucking sci-fi show dropped Wednesday, and here’s what I know about them:

  • One is about a violent man who hates phones (get in line, buddy)
  • One is about a compliment-doling robotic doll
  • One is about Miley Cyrus
  • Something, something, virtual reality
  • Did I mention one is about Miley Cyrus?

Well, at least Cyrus stars in one, as some sort of musician in a purple wig. No matter where Black Mirror takes viewers into the future, and what horrific new devices they’ll invent, apparently Miley Cyrus will still be there.