Brothers Josh and Seth Meyers Are Working on a Comedy Series for NBC

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The Brothers Meyers (Josh and Seth) have collaborated to bring you a half-hour single-camera comedy series called The Exceptional. Deadline reported on Wednesday the show got a script commitment from NBC.

Josh will star, co-write, and executive produce; Seth will executive produce along with his producing partner Mike Shoemaker. Brian Bradly and Steven Cragg have also signed on as co-writers and executive producers.

So, I know you’re asking: What’s all the fuss about? First off, The Exceptional is a Homeowners’ Association comedy. I know right, it gets even better. The show is set in a Los Angeles condo building, where, according to Deadline, the members find themselves “hopelessly deadlocked…until a fellow resident, Justin, (Josh Meyers), reluctantly agrees to join the board and, in his first meeting, stumble into becoming president.” Wow, sounds like our country’s actual president, go on….

“Now Justin has to leave his self-obsessed bubble and engage with his neighbors, finding himself knee deep not only in the issues of the building but also in the personal problems of the condo’s diverse residents—an endeavor that offers both hilarious challenges and surprising benefits.”


A white man named Justin who inhabits a “self-obsessed bubble” and has inordinate power for no good reason, sign me up I’m ready to transcend this world.

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“...The Exceptional is a Homeowners’ Association comedy.”

There is nothing in this world more petty than personal beefs involving a Homeowner’s Association. Nothing. I’ve seen arguments about whose balcony wood paneling gets repaired first characterized as a titanic struggle between good and evil. Someone once asked me if I wanted to be on the board of the Homeowner’s Association. I told them I’d rather put my dick into a blender.