Cardi B Fulfilled All My Summer Hopes and Dreams and Dropped a Video for 'I Like It'

All I’ve wanted since Cardi B released Invasion of Privacy in April was for an “I Like It” video to drop at the beginning of summer, and mujeres, she DID that. More excitingly, here she is rapping in the same room with my beautiful son Bad Bunny—dressed as usual like a raver from 1998 (BLESS)—and distant cousin we tolerate J Balvin, looking like the most wonderful bird of paradise in green feather earrings she probably got from Fashion Nova.


“I Like It,” of course, is going to be the song of the summer–in New York City, at the very least—because it is built on the Nuyorican National Anthem, Pete Rodriguez’s 1967 boogaloo joint “I Like It Like That.” That song is the quintessence of sweaty summer days in the handball court and crunching on shaved ices—it plays out of cars and on mini boomboxes in every Latinx neighborhood from June to September, from Cardi’s BX to Bushwick. This video, shot in Miami by Eif Rivera, celebrates aspects of that culture with the high-saturated bombast of a fashion shoot, down to her pink-and-orange eyeshadow. (Did her MUA get a jump on that Fenty beach palette, or what!) This is the honor and beauty this song deserved, que viva la raza, and I for one could not be more excited to sweat profusely in the out of doors to it.

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Julianne Escobedo Shepherd

UPDATE: it’s not Fenty Beauty, it’s MY QUEEN PAT MCGRATH