Catch Me On the Dancefloor Bumpin' to Certified Billboard Hit 'Agatha All Along'

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Screenshot: Marvel

The powerhouse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe (multiverse?) can now count a Billboard hit amongst its accolades, which include kajillions of dollars in ticket sales and a literal Academy Award for a superhero movie. On Wednesday the song “Agatha All Along,” a catchy ditty featured in the Disney+ show WandaVision, debuted at 36 on the Billboard charts after Marvel released it as a digital download that has played on an endless loop in my earbuds for several days straight.


If you’re not caught up on WandaVision, then the song serves as a jamming spoiler for a major plot twist in the show that nearly everyone saw coming. But what no one saw coming was how Marvel could create an absolute banger for a show based on an ancillary character in its movies living in an I Love Lucy world. The show is truly bonkers and wonderful, but particularly confusing if you’ve not seen the 20-something movies that came before it. Context makes everything better.

But just when I thought music could not be elevated any further, Trap Music Now posted a trap remix to “Agatha” which I pray we can all collectively hear in the club of our choosing when partying is allowed to happen again.

It really truly has been Agatha, all along.



So happy that Kathryn Hahn’s blowing up in this way—she’s an amazing actress who is consistently the best thing about her projects and deserves all of this success!