Chelsea Handler Does Everything in New Netflix Docuseries

In comedian Chelsea Handler’s newest project, a four-part documentary series entitled Chelsea Does, no subject remains undone.


“I don’t mean to be judgmental,” she says at one point, “But I am.”

The first trailer for Chelsea Does depicts the former E! late-night talk show host in deadpan conversations with children, robots, Willie Nelson, Al Sharpton, a Native American man. The trailer does not make it immediately clear as to why she is speaking with these people, but it’s probably safe to assume that it has something to do with mocking stereotypes—something Handler is known for doing with little concern for tact.


The series will, according to its official description, explore “topics of personal and universal fascination, from marriage to drugs, to racism and Silicon Valley.” So, Handler has reached the level of fame where she is allowed to do cool shit and write it all off as a project. Tight.

The series is set to premiere at Sundance on Friday, January 22, one day before it is available on Netflix.

At one point she confesses, “I want to live in a place where a person of every color is able to hit on me.”


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Kat Marlowe

Chelsea Handler Does Everything in New Netflix Docuseries

Well, she's never tried being funny before so I'm looking forward to that.