Counting Crows Singer Adam Duritz Has a New Hairdo and My Dad Has Thoughts

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Adam Duritz, the front man of Counting Crows, a band best known for their contribution to the Shrek 2 soundtrack, has shaved his signature dreadlocks. A moment of silence for all the Gen X-ers, please.


I don’t much care about Duritz’s new look, but it was weird that he had dreads to begin with, so I guess I’ll consider this an improvement?


Admittedly, my Counting Crows knowledge is limited. It took me about a year to realize that my favorite Counting Crows song was actually a Joni Mitchell song, and even then I was mostly listening for Vanessa Carlton.

I decided to reach out to the biggest Counting Crows fan I know, my father Matt Fischer, a man who once voluntarily listened to the song “Mr. Jones” on repeat for the entire multi-day drive from California to Connecticut. We also once attended a Counting Crows concert during which Duritz fell off the stage after standing on a speaker. (I still think about this at least once a week.) If anyone would have thoughts on this seemingly inconsequential news, it would be him.

“I don’t care if a singer has dreadlocks, cornrows, pink hair, long hair or a goatee held together with a rubber band,” my dad told Jezebel via text. “It’s how they sound that matters, not how they look.”


Sure, but does their sound hold up?

“I am still a fan. I listened to ‘St. Robinson In His Cadillac Dream’ live on repeat one just a couple days ago, and ‘Mrs. Potter’s Lullaby’ the day before that,” he added. Dreads or no dreads, if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s that certain dads love Counting Crows unconditionally.

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For purposes of full disclosure, my brother (aka your uncle) was with me on that drive and there were a lot of songs I’d have listened to before listening to him for three days straight.