Drag Race's Alyssa Edwards Is Getting Her Own Netflix Show

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Drag Race alum Alyssa Edwards is getting her very own docu-series at Netflix. If you’re unaware of who Edwards is, just know that she was the only contestant on the show to actually dance well and iconically won the title of Miss Gay America in 2010 only to be dramatically stripped of it for “conduct unbecoming to a titleholder” and “failure to fulfill obligations as a titleholder.”

The series, produced by RuPaul, will follow the drag queen (real name Justin Johnson) in her hometown of Mesquite, Texas and will focus on all the drama of Johnson’s dance company Beyond Belief Dance Company, Deadline reports.


Dancing Queen already looks like a Dance Moms 2.0, but judging from the trailer it looks like we’ll be also be getting an emotional deep-dive into Justin’s life growing up as a gay man in the south. Still, I suspect most of the tears shed in this series will be from the terrified small dancers Johnson is teaching.

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