Drake's Degrassi-Era Lyric Notebook Is Selling For $54k, Hopefully Includes Jimmy/Hazel Fanfic

Screenshot via YouTube
Screenshot via YouTube

You can snag an old notebook containing Drake’s early lyrics right now for the low, low price of $54,000! The purple notebook contains 12 pages of lyrics, personal notes, multiple instances of Drake’s signature—signed with his government name, Aubrey Graham—as well as a smattering of phone and credit card numbers. It is being sold by MomentsInTime.com, an online autograph dealer.

None of the entries appear to be dated, but it’s safe to say that they were written sometime during Drake’s tenure on Canadian teen classic, Degrassi: The Next Generation:

  • Someone on the cleanup crew at Drake’s uncle’s furniture store discovered the notebook 10 years ago.
  • There is a 2002 copyright date on the front of the notebook.
  • Drake played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi from 2001-2008.

After a quick perusal of some pages of the notebook that TMZ obtained, I’m sad to report that there doesn’t appear to be a single shred of Degrassi fanfiction at all. Apologies to all of the Jimmy/Hazel shippers, Jimmy/Ashley shippers, Jimmy/Spinner shippers, etc. There’ll always be fanfiction.net.


But before you open up incognito window, check out some choice lyrics from baby-Drake. In a song titled “10 Mack Commandments”—an apparent nod to Biggie’s song, “10 Crack Commandments”—Drake really shows his dedication to chill culture:

Number 1/ Show up for your date kinda late/ If she say be there 6/ Then be there 8/ The last thing u wanna do is say u need her/ Come early a brother looking way too eager.

But in “New Life,” he reveals his softer, gentler side:

Can’t lie girl, you looking tight... kinda looking right/ Sorta looking like a Halle Berry lookalike.



Whatever early strokes of genius are stowed on those hallowed, college-ruled pages are probably better than this:

Staff writer, mint chocolate hater.

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I just want to know if Netflix is going to cancel the show or not. Apparently they are planning to film during the summer after missing out this year, but with so many people graduating, they are going to have to introduce so many new characters at once.