Sweet relief has come at last, for no longer will I associate Drake’s “In My Feelings” with celebrities and Instagram randos doing the Shiggy dance.

In the video for “In My Feelings,” directed by Karena Evans, we have physical proof that Drake is over dancehall (for the time being) and has moved right along to bounce music. Big Freedia’s in here! Yung Miami’s holding court from the top balcony of Dat Dog on Frenchmen Street. Drake KNOWS New Orleans and he’s ready and willing and able to show you how much he knows, OK?


A minor quibble —Drake’s New Orleans accent is stressful, but not nearly as stressful as the fact that lurking somewhere within this short film are the children from Stranger Things and also Backpack Kid. Let’s focus on the positive, yes?

Here’s Keke (Lala Anthony), telling Drake he’s “too old to be on somebody’s front lawn, acting like this.”


And this is Phylicia Rashad, Keke’s mom. “I want you to leave. And don’t forget to go when you leave.” Ma’am... same!

Most of the video is shot like a hazy, humid dream, just happy people on every street corner and doorway throughout the city, clutching a daiquiri in one hand and dancing with a studied insouciance—a perfect summer mood.

Managing Editor, Jezebel

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